Project Info

Appointment 2019
Type Commission
Client Atlexo
Size 9.5cm X 19.7cm
Location Worldwide


Status Manufactured
Principal  Everald Colas, AIA, NOMA 
Project Lead Evan Vander Ploeg
Collaborator(s) Aygemang Clay 



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“Through continuous study, discipline, and action combined with modern science and technology one can achieve fitness mastery.  There are no shortcuts and there is no ONE true way to optimal health.”


– Aygemang Clay
  • Nickel finish “COBRA” style 40mm quick release buckle with webbing slider.
  • Black, 38mm heavy-weight flat nylon webbing.
  • Molded tray with black jersey lining.
  • Massage ball location in molded tray.
  • Resistance band location in molded tray.
  • Jump rope pouch location in molded tray.
  • Mesh window in lid pocket. Black polyester wonder mesh. Sliding core discs and resistance loop pouch are stored in lid.
  • Black pu leather border on lid pocket
  • Black pu leather pocket top
  • Nickel finish engraved plate. 2cm X 6cm. 
  • 8mm zipper on pocket with nickel finish teeth, black tape, nickel slider, and custom pull.
  • Custom nickel finish zipper pull.



Triplex Townhomes