Project Info

Appointment 2021
Type Commission
Client RUE
Size 12,000 SF
Location Denver, Colorado


Status Construction
Principal  Everald Colas AIA, NOMA
Project Lead Evan Vander Ploeg, RA
Designer(s) Alexander Thomas
Engineer CRAFT Engineering Studio



Denver Colorado’s Tennyson Street is transformed.  Businesses are closed.  Demolished buildings are soon replaced.  Prices go up.  To many, this is a sign that the allure of today’s trends will erase the collective memories of this neighborhood.  That old Tennyson will be gone for good, and in its place a banal copy of any other formulaic commercial strips.  But the Lantern of Tennyson story isn’t one of defeat or blindly following the current of fast-fashion urbanism.  It’s a story about perseverance, resilience, and our civic symbols.  It’s a story about Denver.

In the January 2022 article in the Westword, Teague Bohlen writes

“Tennyson has in some ways been wiped clean. But even in that, there’s still promise. Even in that, there still stand the ghosts of what was in what is and what will be. Tennyson is doing what it must. Tennyson is beginning again.”

“Come friends, it’s not too late to seek a newer world.”


-Alfred Lord Tennyson