Images – Courtesy of Kliment Halsband
Title – Project Manager
Location – New York, New York

Former carriage houses and studio buildings are converted for use as a center for International Cultural Institutes. The 200-year-old street is reconstructed with the original cobblestone pavers and new sidewalks that meet accessibility requirements. A studio building at Number 14A is now the Institute for African American Affairs. The large studio windows open onto conference rooms. Deutsches Haus at Number 42 has flexible ground floor space for meetings and concerts, and offices above. Number 44, once the studio of the artist Paul Manship, is now Africa House. The enormous north light at the second floor is the centerpiece of a new meeting space. Numbers 7 & 8 are now China House and the Asian/Pacific/American Institute. A lecture hall, with pivoting wall panels, can also be used as an exhibition gallery and a performance space.